The world’s top 10 spirit brands

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The world’s top 10 spirit brands

The scale for global spirit scales has increased by 1.5% last year. Spirit brands are getting bigger and bigger, and a recent analysis has revealed the best selling spirit brands in the market.


Bacardi has slipped down to the last position in the listing; the brand has witnessed the worst decline it has seen in the last five years. Now, Bacardi recently shifted its focus to more premium range of spirits.

Johnnie Walker

This is a scotch brand which has reported an increase of about 5.2% last year, which was a milestone for the brand. The marketing initiatives have been to renew the new retail design globally, which will be a heavy investment and also expanding its Blenders batch can bring in more improvement.

Royal stag

Royal stag has taken the 7th position as the sale have seemingly increased by up to 3.9%, which is a very good investment and is said that they are going to grow in the near future.

Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue has seen very impressive growth as has a reputation for being quirky, reliable and insightful as the marketing has gained much more cult status and the brand is generally targeted towards the younger audience which why they use phrases such as ‘sail through difficult times.’


This is a Philippine brand which has overtaken Bacardi as the best selling rum brand after reporting 17.5% growth last year. This brand was experienced an astounding increase to claim the top rum brand for the first time, and it is said that the growth is going to overtake many other rum brands in the world.


Smirnoff has seen a very steady growth in the market, but still, things have been tumultuous in the last year but is seemingly steady this year. With their marketing strategy of #chooseLove has promoted equality among the female musicians, and the initiative was focused on gender identity and disability.

McDowell’s No.1 Whisky

McDowell’s used to be one of the best selling whisky brands in the world but has seen a slight decrease in the recent years as the markets conditions are starting to clear up the brand is seen to be rising from its downfall.


Emperador has seen a downfall of 3.2% in both the international and domestic markets. The brand is now benefitting from the increasing share of millennial drinks.

Officer’s Choice

This is a whisky brand which is taking the world by storms. It has seen a decline for the first time even with its packaging redesign, the brand has aimed at targeting young consumers with the use of digital media.


Jinro has maintained the top stop as the best selling spirit in the market and aims at remaining high in the competitors. This brand rose to its fame due to its roots in K-pop songs.

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