5 Tips on How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge for Beginners

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Wine Knowledge for Beginners

The world of wine is both fascinating and daunting. There seems to be so much to learn, but not a lot of advice on how to get started. You may feel intimidated to ask wine connoisseurs, and reading materials can be confusing. If you appreciate a glass of good wine every so often and want to delve deeper, read on. Here are five tips on how you can expand your expertise on vino—even if you’re starting from zero:

Read up

The first step in any education is curiosity. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available either online or through books and magazines. If these tend to overwhelm you, try starting with wine blogs. They’re glossy, lively, and very inspirational!



Whenever you buy a new bottle, take the time to read its label. Take note of where it’s from, the year it was made, ingredients, and other details. As you whet your curiosity, you can do more thorough research and learn about regions, climates, and soil conditions that affect different grape varieties. Then, you’ll be able to slowly identify distinct flavors and aroma of each glass you taste.


Go to local wine tastings

Wine tastings sure sound fancy, but they’re not. Many local wine shops host these events weekly, and chances are, they’re free! The next time you go to your neighborhood winery to grab a bottle, ask about their upcoming schedule. Wine tastings are the perfect opportunity for you to know the owner and the staff. Remember, they’re selling wine because it’s their passion. And because they want you to keep buying from them, they’ll be more than happy to share their knowledge with you. 

Be sure to bring a notebook and take down notes about each wine you taste. Highlight which ones you like, or take a picture of the bottles. You may also download a wine app if you’re feeling young and techy.


Attend a class

While wine tastings are usually done informally, you can take your wine education to another level by enrolling in an official tasting class. Here, you’ll learn from professionals and experts. 

Don’t worry about being a beginner—most wine lessons have different courses depending on your level of knowledge. Ask your wine shop for recommendations, or be on the lookout for social media ads. Most community colleges, restaurants, and private wine educators conduct these classes. 


Join a club

By now, you’ve probably met several people who share your passion. Most likely, they belong to a tasting club that meets regularly to exchange information, wine stories, and yes, even gossip! 

Think of it as a book club for wine lovers. During a meeting, the host usually picks a theme or wine region to discuss. He or she will bring several bottles for everyone to taste, and other members bring snacks to share. It’s a fun way of learning and making new friends at the same time.

You may think that learning about wine is a monumental task and reserved only for the elite. But remember, even the most experienced wine connoisseur started from scratch, just like you. Take it easy and make learning fun. As you expand your knowledge, you’ll become more confident in buying wine and making new social connections.

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