5 Tips for an Amazing Wine Tasting Experience

Wine being pour into two glasses on a deck during sunset

5 Tips for an Amazing Wine Tasting Experience

If you’ve recently discovered the pleasure of drinking wine, the idea of going to tasting events can be both exciting and intimidating. Before you visit your first event, there will be many questions on your mind. What will you wear? What will you say to connoisseurs you’ll meet? How do you properly sip wine anyways? There’s no doubt that a wine tasting can be rather overwhelming at first, but don’t worry—remember that you’re only a first-timer once! To help you enjoy your first wine tasting experience, here are our five tips: 

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Whether you’re on tour at a vineyard or a hotel ballroom, tasting events are the perfect occasion to learn more about wine. There will be experts at every station who will be explaining details about each bottle. The person standing next to you will be a fellow wine lover. These people share your passion, and they’ll be more than willing to exchange notes with you!

While you may not be able to identify every flavor of what you’re tasting, you can tell if you like their taste. Just enjoy and savor each sip. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you feel the need to know more. As intimidating as you think they may be, wine connoisseurs actually appreciate your interest in their pursuit. Take the opportunity to glean their knowledge and hear the funny stories behind their favorite vintages. These are exciting tidbits you’ll get to take home and remember forever. 

2. Don’t forget to take notes

Don’t rely on your memory. After a dozen sips, you’re most likely going to forget which wines you liked best. Be sure to bring a small notebook and a pen with you to wine tasting events. One practical tip for taking notes is to write descriptions that you’ll remember if you want to order it the next time. For instance, if you’re writing about that delightful Lambrusco, write “sweet” next to it. If you’re not keen on jotting down notes, you can also take pictures using your phone. Just remember to add descriptions on the photos’ captions.

3. Ask about other things

It’s good to ask about the various styles, grapes, and regions of wine. However, the best way to enjoy wine is to pair it with some sumptuous food. Not all tours include tapas and cheese to go along with the drinks, so be sure to inquire ahead of time. It’s always a great conversation starter to talk about food pairings. Ask your guides for local restaurants nearby and other activities that you can try as well. 

4. Take your sweet time

At wine tastings, you’ll be offered more wines than you can sip in just a few hours. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but remember to take your sweet time. Don’t rush and come with a game plan. It’s wise to browse through the aisles, making your way from the light to the heavier wines. You can also try a more focused approach like only trying different wines from a particular region. In between sips, take time to mingle with other guests and exhibitors. This system will prevent you from feeling tipsy and dazed. 

5. Be adventurous

Don’t limit your wine tasting experience by sticking to the wines you love. Sure, you know a thing or two about Bordeaux, but don’t you want to try that glass of Chianti Classico? Even if you favor red, try the white varieties and those that you didn’t even know existed. Let the night surprise you—that’s why you’re there! 

Wine tastings are meant to be light, fun, and bubbly. It’s not a business meeting—so relax, enjoy, and make friends! Remember, drinking wine is a social event, and what could be more fun than sharing the experience with new connections? 

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